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PRND is an acronym for Practice

Relax, Now, Drive.

Set your intention to PRACTICE.

RELAX your body and mind.

Bring you attention into the NOW.

DRIVE with dymanic awareness.


"Using the PRND reminder method, I have been able to not only start my practice when first getting in the car in a consistent and precise way, but I have a quick and easy tool to bring myself back into the present moment as I will inevitably have to do. I have also incorporated PRND into my life outside of the vehicle. It is a great way to reset your attention while doing things other than driving you car.

I also noticed that beyond PRND some vehicles have an L or S for low or sport gears. I offer that these both can represent the same concept. A concept that is of supreme importance when developing your practice. L is for “let go” and S if for “surrender”. It is through this act that we can truly relax in total acceptance of the present moment. If we accept the present moment completely and without reservation, then the thinking mind has no footing in our experience. 


When the egoic mind is faced with acceptance, surrender, and letting go, it collapses onto itself and disappears."

                                                         Solan McClean

Using the PRND tool as a reminder in your driving practice is just one of the techniques available in "Learing to Drive Into the Now: PRND". Click on the button below to review more at!

Watch the Learning to Drive into the Now YouTube Video

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