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On Silence

Silence. When we are in our cars and practicing our awareness of the current moment, we listen to the sounds of the road as they happen. We don't judge, list, name, or think about the sounds. We just listen and experience them. These sounds are dynamic and come and go with a definite start and end. They come from the auditory constant...silence. All sound is born from silence and ends in silence. Some of the sounds will overlap each other of course, but if you were to notice just that one sound you would realize that it is "of" silence.

As a part of our dynamic practice of presence we try to experience a sound without grasping it. We let it become, and experience it without attaching any mental noise to it. We can realize that without silence, there is no sound.

Without your higher self, your spirit, the one who observes what you experience...there is no experience. In that way, your True self and silence are a lot alike. You are the one constant in your many varied experiences, just as silence is the one constant of all sound. If you want to experience your True the silence.

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