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Thoughts and Musing on the Ever Advancing Creation

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Look Around in Awareness

Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness.

-James Thurber

It is interesting to experience awareness of the present moment when in the midst of egoic anger or fear. Once your attention is brought into the present moment with full awareness, the fear or anger dissolve. That is how you know for sure that they are manufactured in your egoic mind. Once the light of the present moment is shown on them, they lose their energy and their existence.

One could also say that as soon as your are not looking at them, they disappear. Is it possible they were never really there at all? Perhaps manufactured only by your own egoic mind, to play as phantoms in your awareness to be mistaken as reality? They build energy as you focus and dwell on them. These false realities can make you take action, and seek to dull their emotional effects with drugs and alcohol. This is so unfortunate.

By becoming aware of the nature of the egoic mind, and our human condition to accept it as reality, we can take away its energy by simply becoming fully aware in the present moment. This little bit of enlightenment can change our lives forever.

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