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Keep Coming Back

Many of us jump into the practice of mindfulness meditation and immediately fall in love with it. We can find freedom anywhere, at anytime by connecting with the reality of the current moment. That can allow us a certain degree of serenity that we didn't have before. Often we take this for granted and our practice time falls away. Soon we are not practicing at all and the thought of getting back into it seems to escape our list of priorities.

The truth is, we can come back right here, right now. All we have to do is set our intention to practice, relax, bring our attention into the now, and practice. The effects can be immediate. There is no excuse not to practice. Many of us think we don't have the necessary time to put together a meaningful practice. I practice everyday in my car. On my way to and from work, on trips to the store, and when dropping off my kids at school or sports activities. Every time I get into the car it is my intention to practice. In this way I have a daily routine that brings me results. So keep coming back. Every day is a new day, and each moment is the only moment we ever have.

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