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Thoughts and Musing on the Ever Advancing Creation

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Expectations. We all have them. What do they mean for peace in our personal lives. Usually if expectations are high there is a lot that can go least wrong in the way we have envisioned the outcome for ourselves. If we study our experiences and learn from our mistakes we learn to expect the unexpected. We recognize that life gets "lifey" and things don't go as planned. It is how we react to these unexpected twists and turns that defines our balance as human beings. If our expectations are high and we easily get knocked off balance by things not going as planned, we are probably not going to live a very serene existence.

If we are skillful in our thinking and planning, but don't hold onto expectations tightly, we are going to be much more flexible and resilient in the face of adversity. If we are open to the current moment with complete awareness we will intuitively know what to do as circumstances change. It is when we are mired in our expectations that fear, anxiety, and mental paralysis can strike.

Connect with the now. Be aware that life is dynamic. Learn to flow with the moment and balance will reveal itself.

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