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Give Yourself a Break

With the divisive election, the changing of the seasons, and the coming of the busy holidays it is important that we are mindful of our need to step back, relax, and reset throughout our day. I know for myself, I am often in a mindset of rushing to accomplish all that I think I need to do in the least amount of time. My egoic mind refers to this as efficiency, but it does have the tendency to take away my ability to be mindful.

I need to add the intention of stopping throughout the list of tasks built into my day in order to give myself a break. The common wisdom is to rest after we have achieved our goals. I believe that this course of action not only diminishes our experience of the current moment, but also diminishes our ability to meet those goals in a balanced and effective way. In order to experience our lives and the goals we are working toward we must be mindful of what we are doing and how we are doing it. Too often we rush to accomplish something and never even experience the "doing" of our task. We miss the opportunity to be present.

By adding our intention to take a break to our list of goals during the day we are not only enhancing our experience of the "doing", we are making sure that our tasks are being accomplished in a mindful, intentional manner. We are able to act from a place of serenity and intelligence rather than rushing in and trying to force our will in the quickest way possible.

Be sure to add several reset breaks to your list as you set out to accomplish your goals. A quick ten minutes of relaxation and balance can completely change your experience and outcomes during your day. Give yourself a break!

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