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Thoughts and Musing on the Ever Advancing Creation

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Open Up to the Possibilities

If you really want to affect change in your life and in yourself, you must open up to possibilities that are likely out of your comfort zone. If they were inside your comfort zone, chances are you would have made those changes already. So just how does one become comfortable with being uncomfortable? There is really only one

Faith that you will be OK. Faith that the universe or whatever you believe in has what is best for you in store. How can you be sure? You can't. That's why it is called faith, or sometimes a leap of faith. You must shut out that egoic voice of fear and self-doubt and leap ahead with the faith that you are going to not only be OK, but that you will grow and become a better person through this change.

Very often one of the changes we notice when taking this leap of faith is that we learn to trust our higher-self more, and learn that our ego often offers flawed advice. It is only by making these advances that we can endeavor to change our lives fundamentally. Remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes.

The ego is the center of all doubt, fear, and aversion. The higher-self is the center of all faith, confidence and acceptance. By making some of these changes, particularly the harder ones, we learn that we are our higher-selves, and our ego is merely a reaction to our thoughts and emotions.

We can make room for the possibilities of all things in our lives. Everything we hope to be as humans, parents, spouses, children, friends, professionals, and creators can all become possible with faith in the universe and ourselves. Open up to the possibilities. Banish the fear of the ego and take that leap.

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