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The Benefits of Mindfulness

There is a lot of talk about what it is to be mindful. It can be a bit confusing since there are a lot of different approaches and practices for this ancient form of meditation or way of perception.

To me, mindfulness basically means paying full attention to the current moment without the filter of the egoic or thinking mind. No judgement, no limits, no analysis — just wide open acceptance of the experience of reality as it is.

This acceptance can be outside the comfort zone of many. It can feel safer to us to let our egoic mind analyze the experience, decide if it is good or bad, and motivate us to judge the experience. The problem with that way of experiencing the moment is that it is not realistic. To experience the moment without judgement is to make a genuine connection with reality.

So what? Why do this? Especially if it is uncomfortable.

The reasons are really quite simple. No matter how hard we try, we can never escape the present moment. We can mentally project into the future, but then we are existing in the now and ignoring it completely. The same holds true for reflecting on our past.

While these two modes of intellectual thinking are great tools for us to use to plan and learn, the overuse of this type of thinking has led us away from the divine connection of being here now in the universe. That connection with the universe is where our truth, higher self, or spiritual sense exists. It is the one true reality in our life—the Now.

Once this connection is made and fostered through the practice of mindfulness meditation we find that we are closer to knowing the truth about our lives, the world around us, and our connection to everything. A clarity emerges that brings with it a sense of serenity, acceptance, comfort, and truth.

I urge you to give it try. Bring your attention into the current moment with clarity. Develop a mindfulness meditation practice. You can do it anywhere and at any time. I like to practice when I'm driving, working out, or just lying in bed. You can also set aside a quiet time to sit in meditation if you have the time and place to do it.

Pay attention to this moment. It is the only reality you will ever experience.

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