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Conquering Self Doubt

Self-doubt can be the single biggest obstacle to our growth in life. It can lead us to a state of paralysis and ongoing anxiety. It can keep us mired in mediocrity, when our potential holds so much more for us. So—how can we overcome what is clearly a part of our learned thought process?

First we should look to find the source of this self-doubt. It is in the thinking mind, so it clearly comes from the ego. Self-doubt is based in fear. Fear is also based in the ego.

We, as humans do have a natural inborn fight or flight response. However, in this modern world where we are rarely under imminent danger of being injured or having to fight to stay alive. Our anxiety and adrenaline responses have been co-opted by our thinking mind. In other words, we concoct a fight or flight situation in our own minds separate from the reality around us.

Therefore effort must be put forth to recognize our thought patterns, realize that they exist only in our minds, and change our way of thinking and feeling about our decisions.

This is not easily done. But there is a key. Our higher-self!

When we connect with our higher-self or spiritual-self, we minimize the importance of our egoic thinking and rely more on our connectedness with the universe. We can learn to trust in the higher truth in the universe and recognize it as the reality that exists in the current moment. The current moment is the only moment we will ever experience and therefore is the only reality we will ever know. It doesn't get more real than that!

To undertake this way of being the first few times it takes another key. Faith.

Faith that you will be OK no matter what the outcome of your decision. Faith that the universe has a plan for you. Faith that you are enough.

Once you have had a few successful expereinces with your higher-self, you will in time make that conscious spiritual connection that has always been available to you. It will have no explanation and no words. It is purely an experience, but you will know it to be true.

If you put your spiritual connection into practice, you will attain a new way of life. You will act with more confidence, intelligence, and compassion. All it takes is a willingness to try, and to let go and have faith that the universe will be there to catch you.

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