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How much better would your life be if you could only relax a few percentage points more throughout your day?

Probably quite a bit if you could do it on a consistent basis. The good news is—you can! It takes practice and diligence, and the ability to recognize when you are not relaxed. Then the intention and determination to change it.

For me, it would be great if had an hour to sit in quiet meditation every day. I do not. Some days I can get a little bit of time away from work, family, and daily life to sit quietly and settle my mind and body. To relax. But it doesn't happen often.

So, I use a few little thoughts and practices to bring myself more relaxation and some serenity throughout my day. It only works if I work it! I have to recognize when I need it, when I have an opportunity to practice it, and be able to recognize the benefits of my practice so that I am motivated to keep it going.

One of the simplest things I can do is to recognize the truth about the present moment. It is the only reality I will ever really experience. If I can stay in the now, I will walk through life with much more serenity. It is when I get lost in my own egoic thoughts that serenity takes a back seat.

When I feel myself entering into a toxic state of mind I can remind myself that life is lived "one day at a time". If I can concentrate my attention on only today and the task at hand I will notice immediate results. If I can do this simple thought practice several times a day when I need it, I have already taken a giant step to simplifying my day and relaxing my mind.

I also take the opportunity to practice mindfulness and relaxation several times a day whenever I get behind the wheel of my car. A simple mindfulness driving meditation practice can change one's whole outlook on life. By driving with mindful attention I keep my focus in the now and am a much more attentive and safe driver. I can relax behind the wheel and enjoy the present moment. If I do this on a consistent basis I can find serenity several times during the day, eliminate any type of road rage I might feel, and carry that serenity outside of my car and out into the world.

I need to remind myself of the truth of my existence outside of my ego. So, I remind myself throughout the day that I am a spiritual being having a human experience. I am not a human being who sometimes has spiritual experiences. This simple adjustment to my perspective can change my whole outlook on life during the day. Simple yes—but very effective.

These are only a few simple adjustments you can make to change your day and relax. If you practice you will find many more. Grow your practice and experiment throughout the day with techniques to reset your mind and body.

If we take the time to make the change in our day, we find that results manifest immediately. So, take the time. Make the change. Relax.

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