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Living on Purpose

Mindfulness is described by Jon Kabat-Zinn “as paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally”.

In order to change our way of living, we must also change our way of thinking...or in this case...not thinking. It has been said that we can't think our way into good living—we must live our way into good thinking. This would of course take action and practice.

In other words, we must intend to change our way of living on purpose.

Living on purpose requires intention. So, what do we intend to do? We intend to practice mindfulness.

When we endeavor to practice mindfulness meditation, the basic requirements are that we guide our attention to the present moment and stay present in the moment without judgement.

As soon as we begin to judge, our ego is at work taking our attention away from what is, and attempting to replace it with what our ego wants the current moment to be. Our ego seeks replace reality with unrealistic egoic thinking.

The direct experience of reality as it is, is the only true reality we will ever know. Despite our egoic efforts to ignore, replace, or obliterate the reality of the present moment in our minds, it is still reality.

The benefits of recognizing this reality and existing in harmony with it are sublime. By connecting to what is, we find serenity, unity, and a connectedness to the universe. If you have never tried mindfulness meditation you will be surprised at how easy and effective a mindfulness meditation practice can be. You will also be surprised at the change you can manifest in yourself and your daily experiences by undertaking a simple mindfulness practice.

Why not give it a try. Start living your life on purpose.

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