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Surrender does not have to mean defeat. Surrender can mean ultimate victory. How is this possible? When you surrender your ego to the truth.

The truth is the reality of the present moment. The reality that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. The truth that your egoic thinking is strictly the product of fear and attachment.

The funny thing about the way the human mind works is that although we may fully well know that this is the reality of our situation here on earth, our first impulse is not to turn away from ego and embrace our spiritual truth. So we live our lives thinking of the past, projecting the future, and often missing the reality of our experience in the present moment.

Turning away from this way of egoic thinking seems easy enough to do. If we know that the path to truth, serenity, and unity is only by living as our higher selves, then why do we keep the cycle of egoic thinking and acting going? Often as our first choice!

Have we been programmed to think and act egoically? We have. Who programmed us to be this way? Fear did. Fear that we are not enough. Fear that we will miss out. Fear that we will not be loved. Fear of life.

So the question becomes....Can we change this? The answer is yes...if you are willing to practice, be open to change, and be totally honest with yourself about your ego.

The first step is surrender.

Surrender to what? Surrender to whom?

Surrender to the truth of your human existence on earth. Surrender to the fact that you are a spiritual being. Surrender to your higher self.

This is not a one time thing. It is not a quick fix. it is not done once and over.

It is a practice. It is a commitment to change your mind everyday, often multiple times a day. It is a practice of observing your mind, taking note of your patterns of thinking, and affecting a change in that pattern.

You can change, You can live a more centered and serene life. But it all begins with surrender.

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