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Letting Go

Much is said these days about "letting go". Letting go of problems, resentments, attitudes, and whatever else puts obstacles in our path to serenity and contentment. This is easier said than done. The actual process of letting go is indeed just that, a process. It can also be rightly viewed as a practice.

So what is the practice of letting go? It is the realization that since we are powerless over whatever it is we are experiencing, it is better to give up our constant revisiting of potential outcomes and let it take its course. This does not mean that we do not care. In fact, we obviously care very deeply or it would not be effecting us. We must care enough about the truth of the situation to practice the right action...and let it go.

In the case of resentments, we need to practice letting go of our egoic stake in who or what wronged us. We need to own our part in it, and move on.

Who are we letting it go to? That is a very personal and deep question and is probably a bit different for each of us. To some of us the answer could be God, or whatever concept we have of a higher power. To others, it could be the Universe, the Life Force, or some admittedly unknown power we recognize as Spirit. Whatever is is important to know that it is not ourselves. It is also important to know that whatever it is has your best interest in mind. This part of the practice requires some element of faith.

Faith that whatever you are letting go to will take care of you. Things may not turn out exactly like you want, but you will be OK. In fact, you will be more than OK. You will be in line with Universe, and that is enough.

Some let go by having a conversation with their higher power or God. Others may choose to utilize prayer or ritual. While still others may have found something totally different that works for them. Often times we find that letting go is not a one time thing.

The process of letting go is usually like taking two steps forward and one step back. We tend to let go in increments. I wish it was as easy as just stating that I am letting go of a resentment and that would be the end of it. But that is not the case. I often take it back and let it go several times or more as the process moves forward. This is OK as long as the process does move forward.

Eventually we make progress and begin to feel the freedom we sought. This keeps us practicing because we know it can work. Just remember that we need first the intention to free ourselves from these self imposed burdens, then we need to practice diligently letting go. Only through effort will this process work.

So, let go without expectations. Let go without fear. Become the serenity you know lives in you. Become your higher self.

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