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What is Inner Peace?

What is inner peace?

Ultimately a question that has a different answer for everyone. Most people can tell you what it is not, merely by noting that the absence of something gives them a feeling of relief from being uncomfortable in their own skin. However, this may be achieved using substances, addictions, or other distractions.

True inner peace is fluid and dynamic. It has to be. Life is.

True inner peace is natural and achievable.

True inner peace is available to everyone, and is felt in mind. body, and spirit.

Finding inner peace can be as simple as sitting quietly and letting your mind relax into present moment awareness. Keeping that inner peace is a different story. One's life does not consist of sitting alone quietly.

True inner peace requires strength, acceptance, truth, courage, focus and action. This is where the work begins. True inner peace is a practice. It requires that we become acutely aware of how our mind and body operate. So, a part of our practice is the observation of our own behaviors, thought patterns, and emotions. In this sense it is truly an inside job.

Our inner peace practice will require self-confidence and a reliance on recognizing our own truths, as well as our own character defects. Although these are easily visible in others, we may have a harder time recognizing the truth about our own shortcomings.

It can be an inside job with outside help. Seeking to share our experiences with others can be a great resource for our practice. Reading books, taking classes, sharing with friends, and seeking advice or guidance can all be great assets to our experience.

One thing is for sure. Inner peace can only be experienced in the current moment. Any attempts to find it elsewhere are self-defeating.

Everyone must find their own way. Much of that way may be found by following others who have gone before us, but it is still the current moment experience of that path that is our reality. Inner peace is not a is truly a journey of practice.

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